Just wanted to say goodbye to all of you. I’m in a different place in my personal development and have no desire to endlessly scroll through pretty pictures and arrange them by colours. It used to serve some purpose in my life; I guess it allowed me to have a juncture to focus on something other than my pain. No matter how insignificant it all seems now it was a way to refocus my mind when I was overwhelmed by my own suffering and the emptiness I had been feeling for so long. It helped to forget even if it was for only a brief moment. 

I pondered staying on this blog to archive artists’ work ,which serves purpose for my education/research, but I figured you didn’t follow me for that and decided to opt for just leaving this blog and starting a new one. A fresh start, just the way I feel: I am born again. It amazes me how many “incarnation” within one short life a person can have. Perhaps it’s all that Plutonian energy floating in me…

I just wanted to thank you for being with me via this virtual platform, especially the few of you out of a thousand whom I have talked from time to time; sometimes even bringing moments of great reflection; other times a few smiles which was just as significant.

Thank you. 


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To her livid brow, rounded like a half-moon, clung a peculiarly clammy algaeic or fungoid substitute for hair. Beneath it a transparent mask of horizontal shadow was penetrated by the eyes of an hypnosis, flat disks of smoked mirror, having the selfsame semblance of looking into and out of oneself as her creator.
― Mina Loy, Insel

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It might be better for you to come out from under your might-have-beens, into the winds of the world.
― John Steinbeck

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